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Unified Police Officers of the Month

Post Date:04/26/2017 10:07 AM

Officers Matthew Harper and Edwin Meono are both veteran members of the Unified Police Department and are currently assigned to the Midvale Precinct in the position of Traffic Enforcement Officer.  As part of their assignments both Officers are also secondarily assigned to the UPD Motor’s Unit which serves all of the UPD Communities with Traffic Enforcement, Special Events, and Honor Guard Services.  In addition, these two officers are voluntarily assigned to the UPD SWAT Team and as Firearms Instructors in our training unit.  These assignments require an extreme amount of dedication in training and operations as well as a significant sacrifice of personal time away from their families. 

      During the months of January and February 2017 Officers Harper and Meono demonstrated an exceptional commitment and willingness to manage their multiple responsibilities and assignments to meet the mission of the Unified Police Department.  Due to the very unfortunate and untimely deaths of Officers Brooks Green, Brian Holdaway, and Jon Richey within a period of three weeks, there was an extreme demand placed on the UPD Motors Unit to participate in each officer’s honor guard and funerals.  Without hesitation Officers Meono and Harper volunteered their time to insure these functions were staffed, including volunteering their off-duty time to make sure these needs were met.  In addition to the Motors Unit functions, Officers Meono and Harper fulfilled multiple SWAT trainings and operations during these months, including several unplanned call-out situations that required them to respond at a moment’s notice from home.

      Moreover, these exceptional Officers managed to execute their primary duties as Traffic Officers in the Midvale Precinct and not only met, but exceed expectations with regard to traffic enforcement, traffic accidents, and parking complaints resolved.  Both Officers fulfilled these functions without complaint and demonstrated the highest level of professionalism in their citizen interactions.  We recognize Officers Meono and Harper for the sacrifice of time spent in the service of their community and their commitment to the successful operation of the Midvale Precinct, the UPD Motors Unit, and the UPD SWAT Team.

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