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A letter from Mayor Seghini


We have had our spring clean-up and we are all involved with planting and getting our yards ready for spring and summer.  We must also be aware of the requirements related to the maintenance of our properties.  Some of you have chosen to have yards that use less water.  Your landscape design should fit into the neighborhood.  Conserving water is important because it helps to preserve our environment and reduces the energy required to process and deliver water, in addition, it saves money.  Saving water now means having water available in the future too.  Leaving your outside area un-kept, makes your property less valuable and impacts the value of homes near you.

 Midvale City ordinance requires that properties are kept in clean and sanitary conditions.  The property owner must make sure that grass and weeds do not exceed a height of six inches.  When weeds are removed, or cut down, they should be disposed of within 72 hours of the cutting.  Failure to control growth of weeds or grasses can result in the city contracting for the maintenance service and then passing that cost on to the property owner.  Each residence with a park strip is also required to maintain this area as well.  Many of us have shrubs and hedges.  These also must be trimmed so that they do not grow over the sidewalk areas.  They must also be trimmed so that they are not high enough to restrict the view of drivers backing out of the property.  It might be necessary to trim those near the sidewalk and driveway more than once a season.  Safety first is a good slogan.  It is also important to keep your property clear of junk and debris.  If you have high weeds, grass and collections of wood, abandoned or discarded equipment or furniture, cans or containers, solid waste, or flammable materials represent a fire danger for residents and their neighbors.

If you are interested in finding ways to save water, the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy has a demonstration garden at 8215 South and 1300 West in West Jordan.  They have examples of irrigation systems, and plantings that are drought resistant as well as garden planning ideas. 

Graffiti is another problem that we see around the City and, for that matter, in all parts of the county.  If you should you have someone deface your property with graffiti, call Midvale City Code Enforcement for help in removal.  The City cannot do this without your permission.

Simply put, property maintenance is required and it’s up to each owner, lessee, tenant or occupant to be responsible for the continued proper maintenance to present a healthy, neat, and orderly appearance in our neighborhoods and throughout the City. 

Thank you for your efforts in making your homes and your yards beautiful. 

Welcome to Spring and Summer.