As I See It


A letter from Mayor Seghini



It is starting to feel like spring.  The days are getting longer, I have daffodils trying to bloom, and birds are nesting under my patio roof.  It is time for all of us to look over our yards and think about cleaning up our properties. Our Bulky waste pick up will begin on April 3.  Check your water bill for the exact dates for your neighborhood. 

Now that the snow is almost gone, you can trim trees, bushes, and take advantage of the bulky waste pickup.  This is a great benefit the City provides our residents. It helps cleanup yards and makes our neighborhoods flourish. 

For those that don’t like to water lawn during the summer, there are some very attractive low water designs for yard that you can take advantage of.  Visit the Jordan Valley Water Conservation Garden Park for some great information and ideas for your yards. The address is 8275 South 1300 West, West Jordan, or online at  where you will find a host of events and classes you can take advantage of. 

Please remember to trim bushes and tree limbs that have overgrown onto the sidewalks.  Summer is a wonderful time to go for walks.   Walking is much easier if the sidewalks are not overgrown with bushes or trees. 

It has been a difficult winter and it might not be over yet so remember to remove the snow from sidewalks in front of your home or business after each snowfall.  Also, remember the “No Parking on the Street” between 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. City ordinance so the snowplows can clear the roadway.

Let’s help keep our community beautiful.  Be proud of your neighborhood and do your share to make it a beautiful place to live.